Everyone knows that delivery times on Saturday are much higher than any other day throughout the week.

It seems like everyone and their grandmother wants to order recreational and medical marijuana supplies on Saturday.

My girlfriend and I stayed home last Saturday because it was raining. We ordered some products from the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. The budtender called us a few minutes after we placed the order. She told me that we qualified for a free pre-roll because we spent more than $100 on medical and recreational marijuana supplies. I picked out a hybrid marijuana strain for the free pre-roll. The budtender told my girlfriend and I that delivery times were taking a bit longer than usual. She told us to expect the driver to take at least an hour. An hour seemed like a reasonable time to wait for marijuana, especially on a rainy Saturday afternoon. My girlfriend and I did not mind the wait at all. We started watching a movie on Netflix. Honestly, we forgot all about ordering marijuana until we heard a knock on the door. The driver didn’t forget anything at all when he brought our order and he remembered the free pre-roll as well. I gave the guy a $15 tip and my girlfriend and I spent the rest of the afternoon getting high on recreational marijuana products. Even though it was raining and we had to stay home that day, we still enjoyed a fun and relaxing afternoon at home. We even ordered take out and sat on the living room floor to eat.

Marijuana delivery