I suffer from social anxiety… Whenever I need to attend a birthday, birthday celebration, social hour or any type of celebration that involves anyone however my immediate family, I get anxious… Dreading these events can cause difficulty sleeping, headaches, nausea in addition to even skin rashes.

When medicinal cannabis was initially legalized in my state, I considered getting an MMJ card, then unblessedly, the thought of going to the healthcare worker, explaining my symptoms in addition to completing the necessary formalities was stressful.

I kept procrastinating in addition to finally provided up on the idea. I am harshly thankful that recreational weed has finally been legalized, however although I was a bit intimidated, I managed to work my way up to visiting the dispensary. I was instantaneously greeted by a honestly nice in addition to friendly budtender. I felt so comfortable that I had no concern discussing my issues, however the budtender was good about discussing possibilities in addition to making recommendations… He told me that THC has shown to decrease anxiety at lower doses in addition to can really worsen anxiety at higher doses! CBD has proven to be an especially safe in addition to effective treatment. Cannabis impacts cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for stress levels. Consuming cannabis can help to decrease cortisol levels in the body in addition to help with relaxation, however smoking in addition to vaping have worked well for me because they are fast-acting. I feel the calming effects within thirty minutes in addition to they last for up to three hours. That window of effects is correctly perfect to cover the duration of social events. I correctly shop for hybrids that offer a higher CBD to THC ratio. Since taking luck of cannabis to help with my anxiety, I’ve started sleeping better at night in addition to suffering fewer headaches.

Medical cannabis