One of the dispensaries downtown recently purchased the space next to the dispensary so they can open a cannabis Lounge.

The Cannabis Lounge will be a place for patrons to sit and relax and use recreational marijuana.

There are no cannabis lounges anywhere in the city, but I have been to a place like this in another state. The lounge will be a nice place to hang out when it is done. The lounge is supposed to have chairs, sofas, and a couch. The dispensary manager told me that there will be some televisions, video game systems, as well as surround sound speakers for music. They will also have board games and a small snack bar to purchase chips, cookies, candy bars, and soda pop. Construction on the lounge started last month and it is supposed to take a few weeks to complete. The dispensary put a sign on the door saying that the lounge will be open on the 1st of June. That’s about 45 days from now. June is the perfect time to open up the cannabis lounge, because the weather is going to be hot and people are going to look for a place to relax and smoke marijuana. My friends and I usually smoke marijuana outside of the laundry room at our apartment complex. There are a few places to sit and no one can see the area from the street. It’s a relatively safe and quiet place to sit and smoke a marijuana joint. It will be even nicer when we have more options like the cannabis lounge down the street.

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