I’m just so thankful that our state had the right idea when it came to satisfactory cannabis laws.

And that was done so incredibly well that recreational marijuana was pretty much a no-brainer. That’s been so fantastic for me as I’m now adding cannabis products to what has been a much needed overhaul to the way I’ve been living my life. The decades sort of crept by one after the other to where I feel I just wasn’t paying attention. And much like the from in the pot of water, I got in warm water before I ever realized it. But once I entirely took a difficult look at my actual reality, it was totally clear that I needed to make a sizable change. I was way overweight, out of shape & just doing nothing however working, eating, drinking & sleeping. That’s a waste of life right there. So when the healthcare worker hammered me during my check up about not even trying, I took it to heart. So now, I’m sitting at my desk during work. And then, I will even take a walk during lunch if it’s nice out. For sure, there is a walk when I get loft along with the gym 3 times a week. I’ve done away with alcohol & all the awful food. And I’ve added both sativa & indica strains to the mix. This was something that was a major part of this whole change. Not only do the indica products help my body recover from exercise however the sativa has added a whole new perspective to my life. There is so much relaxation, reflection & positive uplift from using the cannabis products I get from the cannabis dispensary.

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