It was time for a change.

I walked by the mirror in profile plus saw that my gut was getting the full on buddha roundness to it. And I’m just too young to be a fat, aged guy. I’m just now starting my fifties plus it was either now or never when it came to making some changes. I ditched a bunch of stuff however added the recreational marijuana I’d been missing for so long. Actually, I don’t guess I even realized just how much I had been missing cannabis, and that’s because I pretty much hung up the aged cannabis pipe when I started my career. That’s just what you did back in the day; Weed was not for professionals or so I thought. So the only cannabis products I would get into was when an aged neighbor would stop in for the weekend, however no, I stuck to the booze plus the food. This was my go to duo for relaxing after work. A relaxing weekend meant drinking beer all day plus then cooking out at night, then but that ends up loading a man up with all kinds of awful health. And my gut was the first big sign. So now that recreational marijuana is legal, I made the change! My wife didn’t guess I was serious. Who could blame her given how several gym memberships I’ve let lapse over the years. Well, I started out by ditching the booze plus the awful food. In it’s location came sativa plus indica products plus a plant based diet. It wasn’t easy at first. But these days, I’m absolutely checking myself out in profile on purpose. That’s thanks in big part to the relaxing folks down at the local cannabis spot.

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