Talk about nervous, I was undoubtedly more like beside myself.

I’m not relaxing at meeting new people in general. And going to spend a weekend at the apartment of the people that would be my in-laws was scary. Not scary or uncomfortable, scary is the way to describe it. I knew that there was no way that this was going to happen without some help from my neighbor sativa. The trip would have to begin with a stop at the local cannabis spot; First of all, I don’t know why in the world this woman loves me. She’s just totally out of my league at least on paper. But like they say, savor is blind. In this case, I guess savor is blind plus maybe a bit silly as well. My fiancee plus I undoubtedly share some sort of elusive bond because my associate and I are indeed deeply in savor with one another. She’s from a absolutely wealthy family plus was super sheltered as a kid. I’m the opposite plus was the one to absolutely teach her the right way to make a pot brownie. This was at a party plus I believe I did it in a way that was lovely plus not mansplaining. From there, my associate and I just hit it off plus it was perfect. But being at her parent’s home for a weekend was going to be tough. So I had a couple of cannabis edibles in my pocket plus ate half of one one the way to the front door. I don’t know if it was me or the sativa edibles however the weekend went undoubtedly smoothly. I watched my manners plus just smiled the whole time. Apparently, that’s all it takes because my fiancee said they are delighted for me to join the family.


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