Starting a new job is always a stressful time for me.

Being the “new guy” who has to learn everything puts a lot of pressure on me.

I am so worried about doing everything perfectly that I usually screw something up! This job was no different. I was stoked about being able to work at the cannabis dispensary, but I was still very nervous on my first shift. My previous job was being a bouncer at a pool hall, and I was basically doing the same thing at the cannabis dispensary. I always stand at the front door and check the IDs of customers when they want to come inside. Sometimes I even need to make people leave their purses and bags in the lobby, to prevent them from trying to shoplift our cannabis products. We don’t get a lot of trouble here, but last weekend a drunk guy tried to bully his way into the cannabis dispensary and I had to shut him down. Booze and cannabis affect people so much differently. A person can smoke all the cannabis in the world and never dream of causing trouble or starting a fight. But this guy wasn’t smoking cannabis, he was drunk on whiskey and itching to make a scene. I had to drag him out of the cannabis dispensary and into the parking lot, where he took a swing at me. That didn’t end well for him. Instead of buying cannabis, he ended his night in the back of a police car with a black eye for his trouble.
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