When I was hired, Bill was the store supervisor.

The owners of the dispensary were part of a corporation based in another state… Bill was a total jerk, as well as stickler for the rules, however he always liked me, which is why so several other people got fired as well as I stayed on.

Bill ran the place like a pharmacy, always seeming unquestionably clinical, cold, as well as unlinked. Bill did not have the right personality for buyer service, so the store was not a fun place to work or to shop. Finally the corporation got wind of his awful buyer service, so they fired him as well as promoted me to the new store supervisor. I seized the opportunity to change the vibe of the cannabis dispensary as well as make it a more relaxed as well as fun place to shop. My idea was to encourage the clients to spend more time in the cannabis dispensary instead of making a purchase as well as immediately leaving. The first step was to call a meeting for all the budtenders as well as delivery drivers to explain the new philosophy of the cannabis dispensary. I encouraged them all to be friendly, as well as take their time explaining the many cannabis products. I didn’t want the clients to feel rushed, but to feel like they were welcome to stay in the cannabis dispensary for as long as they wanted. The longer a buyer hangs out, the more cannabis they will buy as well as the more cash they will spend. I want the cannabis dispensary to be more comfortable, although I also need it to be a lot more profitable.

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