When I was a young, awful university student, I tried to make the most out of my birthday.

I made a list of all the local corporations that provided free items or discounts to a buyer if it was their birthday.

Once the huge afternoon came, I would visit as many of these places as possible to rack up free swag. Most of these places were restaurants or restaurants, who would give me a free sundae or slice of cake. I keep this tradition alive, only now it’s better than ever before. There are 3 strange cannabis dispensaries in town, as well as one of them has a “birthday special.” Anyone who goes shopping for cannabis on their birthday will get a juicy discount on their entire purchase. Have you been to a cannabis dispensary before? Have you seen their prices? The birthday discount allows me to make a whopping huge purchase of cannabis products as well as save a whole lot of currency. I will save up extra money for months ahead of time, just to score that huge price chop as well as buy as much cannabis as possible, but do the math – I could buy a few grams of cannabis as well as save twenty bucks. Or I could buy a few ounces of cannabis as well as save two or three hundred bucks! It takes some scrimping as well as saving, but when I finally get to money in that cannabis discount on my birthday I walk away with months worth of weed! I guess it’s because of me the cannabis dispensary just issued a restriction on the birthday discount.

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