Recently I told you a little bit about my management type at the cannabis dispensary… I am a very low-key type of guy, as well as my store reflects this attitude.

I don’t want to pressure people into making sizable purchases, like so several other cannabis dispensaries do.

I like to talk to my customers, find out about their lives as well as what they need, as well as then supply the best possible chances for them, however this means I spend most of my time just talking to people as well as getting to know them, but one question that comes up a lot at the cannabis dispensary is the significance of May 20th aka 4/20, as well as why it is so important to potheads, much to my surprise, no one seems to know the real reason… as well as perhaps that’s because there is no real reason! Every person I ask at the cannabis dispensary gives me a weird explanation, no two are ever the same. One gentleman told me that 420 was the police code for cannabis possession, even though I looked it up online as well as that isn’t true, an older woman who I have known for years said that 420 was military slang that started in the Hawaiian island, so the soldiers could discuss cannabis over the coms. My favorite story is that 420 was named after the first person incarcerated in this country for growing cannabis. The person had 420 cannabis plants, so was given 420 months in jail for the crime… For the record, I don’t think any of these stories even though I still love to hear them.

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