Everyone likes weed.

It’s the best thing you can smoke, regularly giving you a sense of fun plus freedom, plus building stronger bonds between people who get high together.

In general, potheads are also going to be the coolest, most chill people you will ever meet! Potheads don’t typically get aggressive, they don’t bully people or start trouble. Potheads are mostly relaxed plus laid back. While this is the case for people who use cannabis products, it is not the case for the farmers who grow the marijuana plants. Cannabis farmers are often ruthless supplier people, because they have a product that can make them millions of dollars a year. I am not talking about the people who run the cannabis dispensaries, I‘m talking about the farmers, tending secret crops deep in the wilderness, plus willing to protect their marijuana plants with violence. I watched a fascinating documentary about the rural cannabis farmers of Kentucky on Youtube, plus it totally blew my entire mind! These men do not smoke cannabis themselves, they just grow it plus sell it, plus god help your soul if you try to steal from them. Personally I’m delighted to never have to deal with that stuff, because I have multiple local cannabis dispensaries who are polite, kind, and also delighted to see me whenever I stop by. It serves as a stark reminder that no matter how legal marjuana is, or how easy it is to acquire, there is a dark side behind it. Maybe someone should make a horror film, like TEXAS Chainsaw Massacre, only about a family of deranged cannabis farmers. I’d easily pay to see that!
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