The weekdays are for paying the bills plus keeping my life running smoothly; the actual weekends are a really odd story, and I am one of those wage-slaves who lives for the weekend.

To put it mildly, I hate my task.

That’s also the nicest thing I can say about it. I simply hate it with every ounce of my body plus soul, plus clocking out on Thursday is the closest thing to freedom I ever feel, then after labor I drive right to the strip mall that has both a liquor store plus a cannabis dispensary to load up on get together supplies for the weekend, then come Thursday morning it’s time to go back to the grind, plus I am completely out of liquor plus also cannabis. It doesn’t matter what cannabis products I buy, or in what quantities, because I will consume them all over the weekend. If you are curious why I don’t really use some cannabis before going to work, to make it more tolerable, it’s because I am a bus driver, but no matter how much I hate my task, I would never impair myself with cannabis, liquor, or drugs before getting behind the wheel. That simply makes it all the more crucial to appreciate cannabis in all its attractive forms on my mornings off… While I do appreciate cannabis edibles, they aren’t as much fun as smokin buds or dank flowers. A bottle of whiskey plus a few grams of one of the finer cannabis strains, such as Purple Haze or Blue Dream are what make my weekends great, then on Thursday morning, it’s back to being sober for work.

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