For multiple years I had an ongoing debate with my mother about the legality of marijuana, however she was strongly against it, and agreed that potheads should be locked in jail. She had multiple reasons for her beliefs, none of which made any sense to me at all! First of all, my mom is a deeply religious lady. She was born and raised in the Catholic church, which left a permanent stain on her soul! Seriously, you have to admit that the Church is responsible for more evil in the world than anything else. Still, the religious condemnation of cannabis makes unquestionably little sense to me, because it comes from a plant. If you believe in God, and that God created all life on Earth, that means you believe God created the marijuana plant. If God created the marijuana plants, how can it be wrong, immoral, or sinful? You might as well say that potatoes are sinful! Beyond that argument, what about all the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant, how can those be dismissed? Cannabis is a powerful plant that can help a lot of people lead better, more fulfilling lives. Finally, last but not least, I asked my dad to point out the passage in the Bible that says cannabis is wrong. She could not do that, of course, because marijuana is not mentioned somewhere in the Bible. The people who run the church, and run it as a business might I add, have decreed cannabis is being immoral, but they made it up, because it was never written in the Bible.

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