For a few weeks our store has been experiencing some problems with a particular group of shoppers.

In general, a cannabis dispensary is a chill place to work, for the employees and the customers alike. We deal mostly with potheads, who are a relaxed group of people. We started having these college kids coming into the store, drunk out of their minds, and they would cause a scene. My associate and I had a security guard, even though she quit because these young people were giving him too much grief. My director made a bold move, and hired an ex-con named Stan to be the new cannabis dispensary security guard. Stan made an immediate difference, and abruptly the cannabis dispensary is a fun place to work again. Stan works the front door, like the bouncer at a club, and checks the IDs and cannabis cards for most people who want to come inside. He is so intimidating to look at that nobody wants to mess around and get on his bad side, so all those shoppers found another cannabis dispensary to bother. While he may look scary, Stan is as sweet as honey pie, and has become the most popular guy at the cannabis dispensary. Since Stan is still on parole, he cannot indulge in marijuana himself, even though he doesn’t seem to mind. Once I asked Stan what he went to jail for, and with a sheepish grin he admitted it was for robbing a cannabis dealer. I hope the bosses don’t find out!


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