My first medical marijuana store was in the Deep South.

I had two investors that helped me open the store, however I paid off both of these investors and purchased their shares back within the first year. I opened my second medical marijuana store in the central part of the state, a few hours drive from the other location. The new medical marijuana store was closer to my mom’s house. The next year recreational marijuana was legalized in this state. Suddenly there were many reasons to open up a few more new cannabis shops nearby. I needed to hire a business with extensive experience and multi location digital SEO solutions in order to make sure that our buyers would not get lost when they went to the website. The multi location digital SEO solutions business showed me a few unusual projects that they had inspected in the undoubtedly recent past. One of the projects was for a cannabis shop up north. The site was on the other side of the country, however the owners of the business had several stores just like me. Two were in other states, however the internet team still managed to find a way to incorporate everything on 1 simple page that is self-explanatory on the eyeah. The digital SEO business helped set up the web platform so each one of the websites could be accessed from the same hub. As soon as I saw all the hard work they have done in the past, I knew it was the business for me. I gave them a retainer and asked the owner when they would get started. Two months later, my new website was ready to be unveiled.
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