Where I live, medical marijuana is available for those with a prescription.

My sister and I are pretty close. Well, that’s probably understating it a bit. We grew up in a very troubled household so we had to be each others advocate, defender and consoler. That will make you awfully tight. As adults, we’ve made our own way and we have both had our struggles. But my sister lives in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. Some friends of hers suggested that she try some sativa strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary. We can both be a bit morose and lean toward defensiveness. It’s not a characteristic that either of us like all that much. My sister’s friends really thought that using something like marijuana could be very beneficial in breaking the cycle of negativity. She’d been using a sativa dominant hybrid strain called blue dream for about six months when she came for a visit. The change was noticeable from the second I laid eyes on her. There was a definite change it the ease with which she looked me in the eye. And when I hugged my sister, she wasn’t the first one to pull away. Over the weekend, I paid close attention and we then spent an hour talking about how much benefit she had seen in her life since adding the blue dream. I was convinced. Where I live, medical marijuana is available for those with a prescription. Once my sister left after her visit, I started the process of getting my medical marijuana card. This was not as complicated as I thought it might be and had the full endorsement from my doctor. I’m so glad I did this because I too have had such a glorious change in my life thanks to sativa strains.



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