Helping people do more with their money is what I’m all about. Being a financial adviser was not my first job. But when I made some money, I started investing it and found a passion. It’s not so much about accumulating wealth as it is about helping people invest wisely and let money work for them. Lately, I’ve been doing more investing in the marijuana business. And I’m also recommending it to folks who feel confident about the marijuana business. I think investing should also follow the compass in your heart and mind as well. I don’t invest in things like weapons or stuff made for harming people. I like to invest in things that I believe in and I believe in cannabis products. Seeing for yourself is a great way to feel enjoyable about the marijuana business, and for me, it was seeing my mom go through cancer treatment with the air of indica dominant hybrid strains for sale. Thankfully, medical marijuana had just been introduced then and my mom was able to benefit from that change to the law. The cannabis products helped her so much and she got to remission. That’s when I started to explore just what it would take to invest in the marijuana business. That was some time ago and I’ve done a mountain of due diligence since then. My personal portfolio has plenty of marijuana investments that have all provided great returns. And those who I’ve suggested about investing in cannabis have also been entirely cheerful. I suppose this could be an even more pressing time when it comes to the marijuana business. The east coast of this country is entirely near a tipping point for recreational marijuana and being well positioned could deliver a large payday.

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