Since my child has been born I have developed insomnia.

He goes through genuinely poor sleep regressions.

He isn’t a naturally great sleeper either. It isn’t unfamiliar for him to wake me up every hour in the middle of the night. Sometimes he wakes up as well as screams for 1.5 hours straight; Other times he will go a four hour stretch as well as not make a peep. The uncertainty is poor for me. I get so busy when it is time for bed. I know I need to fall asleep swiftly in order to feel rested the next day. I just get too sad as well as end up staying awake all night long. Then I am taking care of a baby as well as feeding him in the downtime… A friend of mine has strongly recommended relying on cannabis at night. Apparently a little THC can go a long way with helping you sleep. At first I thought I would need to smoke a joint in order to feel the effects. I now have learned that I can simply take a tincture, which is an oil that goes under my tongue. I can put a few drops in my mouth before bed as well as fall right asleep. It is supposed to calm me to sleep as well as keep me asleep. I am a bit sad to try it. What if I don’t wake up when my child cries? What if it doesn’t work? That would be super devastating. I guess I will need to tag in my fiance on the night I try the tincture. I am hopeful the oil just helps me fall asleep quicker as well as doesn’t affect my thinking too much.

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