Unluckyly I am in a medical weed only state.

That entirely smells since I would totally take luck of recreational cannabis.

I have read that cannabis can help you sleep at evening. Since I had my child I have developed insomnia. It would be nice to take a tincture and be able to sleep better. I have read up on bath bombs too. Those sound entirely interesting, then rather than consume the marijuanana, it can just get into my bloodstream by me soaking in it. I like taking a bath at the end of the afternoon. It calms me, soothes my sore body after holding my child all afternoon and I would like to be a little more relaxed. Sadly medical cannabis doesn’t offer multiple edible tinctures and bath bombs for patients. Those are unquestionably recreational weed like. Since my state is only medical cannabis, I would need to go through the process of being a patient if I wanted sleep relief. I would need to go and see a doctor, get a script, fill out paperwork online, pay 71 bucks and then wait two weeks for my card. After I had the card I would need to find a medical weed dispensary and then get the certain products I am allowed… Most likely it would be an oil I can vape or a flower form that I smoke. Then the card would expire in a year and I would need to do the process all over again. It just doesn’t seem all that beautiful to me. I can wait for recreational cannabis to come to my state. It will be so much cheaper and easier when it does.


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