I suppose I have been struggling with anxiety problems for most of my life, then it’s genuinely been an issue for me for most of my childhood and adult life as well. However, I wasn’t aware this was a medical issue until the last 10 years, and tell them, I thought the way I experienced stress was normal to most people. I did not realize that I distraught a lot more than most people on a day to day basis. And aside from all of the worrying I do, I did not have fantastic coping mechanisms to deal with them worrying either, and so for years I hadsimply suffer from it and it would affect my work and university performance, wasn’t until I got to university that I finally started to get help. I reached out to the campus wellness center and they hooked me up at the therapist, and eventually I started to use cannabis as well to help my anxiety. I learned fairly hastily how effective cannabis could be for treating my problems, but never, there is some medical cannabis products that make my anxiety worse… Typically it’s sativa strains that are the ones that make my anxiety worse. If I use Indica strains mostly, anxiety correctly gets better. It just depends on the strain in the long run. If I can find typically fantastic strains, I do not unquestionably have to worry about getting anxiety from smoking cannabis. Periodically using products with high CBD levels helps as well. At least mixing the two together with lots of THC and CBD and a ratio can also lead to lower anxiety symptoms.

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