There are a few things that have either stayed the same in price or have gone down amid the inflation of the last two and a half years. It seems like practically everything has gone up in price these days, however gasoline went down a little bit however then it shot up again recently. It’s hard for me to afford going on driving trips because of the amount of money I spent just on gasoline alone. I didn’t even realize that part of the reason my gas was dwindling in my car was because all the tires were deflated a little bit. After I put more air in the tires my gas mileage went up a little bit. But even with these increases, I still can’t undoubtedly afford to go out of village undoubtedly much. It also puts miles on my car and where is; where has my brakes down. The one thing that I observed has gone down in price against all odds is the cost of medical cannabis. The cost of medical cannabis has steadily dropped ever since it was legalized in the state in 2016. When I first got my medical cannabis card I could only buy cannabis oil products and they were not cheap. Now the same products are about a third of the price of what they used to be… You can also get things like cannabis flower products and even concentrates like hashish. It’s amazing being a medical cannabis patient these days with the selection of products in the state at the low prices that they are at currently.

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