I walked into Grandmother’s household last week to see how she and Grandfather were doing. It had been a couple of weeks since I checked in on them. I was hoping Grandmother had made some cookies, because hers were the best. When I walked in, I heard her and Grandfather laughing. I called out to them, however they didn’t hear me. I walked into the bedroom and yelled again! Grandmother came out from the kitchen and asked how long I had been in the house. I told her I got there about five minutes ago, but I didn’t tell her it was long enough to look at her calendar, circled on the calendar was the date for the marijuana dispensary grand opening. She looked at me and then at the calendar and told me to ask. I wanted to know if she was really interested in going to the marijuana dispensary grand opening. She told me she and Grandfather had been talking about it for days now, but back in the morning, they used to use marijuana all the time. They quit when they decided to beginning a family, but now they were in their sixties, and even their grandchildren were getting older. They didn’t feel anyone would say anything if they started using marijuana again. The marijuana would be enjoyable for their arthritis, and maybe they would want to smoke just for fun. The marijuana dispensary was going to have both medical and recreational marijuana now it was legal in our state. I smiled and all I could feel was, enjoyable for them.

Medical Cannabis