When the current marijuana dispensary opened, they had a grand opening party for the entire community, they were offering giveaways, & it was like a carnival, it was the first marijuana dispensary to come into our area, & the only marijuana dispensary within twenty miles. There were clowns, which surprised me because you had to be twenty-one to enter the marijuana dispensary. I walked up to the counter they had put outside. They had informational flyers to tell you about their inventory in the cannabis dispensary. There were magnets with their PC number & website clearly marked. There were small bags with sample items inside, like t-shirts, hats, & other small promotional items. I got a basket that was heavier than the rest, however when I got to the car, I opened my bag. There was a bottle of soda, a basket of pretzels, & a chocolate bar. It was a nice thing I diagnosed the products out before checking it out. They infused the coffee samples with marijuana, as was the pretzels & chocolate bar. I was thrilled I didn’t eat or drink anything, because I could have gotten into a lot of trouble. I was only eighteen, & I could have gone to jail. I took the basket back to the marijuana dispensary & provided it back. I wanted to make sure they knew I hadn’t used any of the marijuana products. I was afraid if they found out an eighteen-year-old kid got the basket with marijuana products, they would be closed up before they truly opened. I wanted the marijuana dispensary to be open when I turned twenty0one, & could legally buy marijuana products.


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