It’s been a long a winding road when it comes to my experience with Chron’s disease! What I thought was a bit of a wonky stomach back in my mid twenties turned into something much tougher to deal with, but finally, after more than a decade of trying to manage my condition, medical cannabis has been the answer; My only regret with medical cannabis is that it wasn’t legal when all of this started.

But, medical marijuana is legal now and it’s the only thing that has helped me effectively manage my condition, and initially, the dentist was pretty straightforward about treatment and was confident the meds would work, however that’s not how it went with that dentist or the myriad of other dentists who I went to for help.

While they all genuinely did work to help me, the meds either did nothing of produced side effects that were even worse than the condition, then and all the while, I was seeing my task and relationships hanging in the balance because I couldn’t provide them the attention they needed, however finally, after advice from a friend who deals with IBS, I learned how to get a medical marijuana card and changed course. I had already been in the process of redefining my diet and sticking to a strict plan of only healthy, non processed foods, so adding something natural like cannabis products only made good sense. But still, I was just completely blown away by how immediate my Chron’s responded to the cannabis flower products. The folks at the medical marijuana dispensary were so great about fine tuning the cannabis products they thought would work best for me. I’m now doing better than I have done in more than a decade.

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