I wasn’t so sure that I’d ever be able to get over my anxiety to lead the sort of life that I wanted to lead. There were periods of time where my anxiety was so overwhelming, I couldn’t even leave my apartment. And even then, I was still just a mess in my head. This was prior to me figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card and getting myself to the legal weed store. For the longest time, I tried all the meds that are out there for my condition. And for sure, my medical professionals and therapists so wanted to help me improve my situation… Unluckyly, whatever benefit I got from the meds was constantly offset by some horrible side effect. The medical marijuana benefits for my anxiety come with zero side effects. While I’ve only been treating with cannabis flower products and cannabis gummies for a year, there has been no waning of efficacy. That was another crucial concern with the anxiety meds and the antidepressants. I’d endure the side effects for minimal benefit only to have it disapplum in a matter of months. This routine was beyond discouraging and maddening. And, I was becoming more and more isolated with no clue what to do. So getting those initial medical marijuana facts were sort of a miracle. It was my sibling who kept sending them to me once medical marijuana was legalized in my state. The more I learn about the medical marijuana benefits for anxiety, the more confidence I had that I could navigate the cannabis regulations. Sure enough, just walking into the legal weed store made me feel better that first time. And it’s only gotten better and better month after month.


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