Since it was a Friday, I did my normal routine.

After I left work I went to the bank to deposit my check.

Yes, I know that I should have direct deposit, but I don’t. I have to go to the bank to deposit my check, and get a little cash for myself. After that I hit the grocery store for dinner supplies, and then pop next door to the liquor store. My standard purchase on a Friday is a bottle of Jim Beam and a case of Coors Light, which is enough to last the weekend. From there, I drive across town, usually while sipping on a beer, and hit the cannabis dispensary. This is my routine, which I do every week. Food, booze, cannabis, they are my “holy trinity” of ensuring I have a great weekend. On this particular Friday I received a lovely surprise, because when I entered the cannabis dispensary I found they were having a “flash sale.” This store is known for doing this, along the lines of the old K-Mart “Blue Light Special” they will offer a discount on a random cannabis product or strain. This flash sale might last for 10 minutes, or it might last an hour, but it never lasts long. The fact I was at the cannabis shop at the perfect time felt like providence! They had a new brand of cannabis edibles, that were rice krispie treats infused with THC and CBD, which were discounted 50%! I bought some of them, as well as a fat sack of OG Kush. What a great day.


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