Variety is an important part of life.

There are so several beautiful things to experience in this world, why should anyone settle for always doing the same thing? My partner prefers to kneel on the couch when she gets stoned, & watch TV or movies or hours on end.

This is a fun thing to do every now & again, however I can’t do it every single afternoon like she does, but ginny loves her edibles, & after a few of them she melts into the couch & just binge-watches tplot crime documentaries. For me, cannabis makes me feel energized & creative, so when I get stoned I want to do things. Sometimes Ginny & I use the same cannabis products, only to experience unusual results. This is why I feel that brain chemistry is so important in how a woman experiences THC & cannabis. While it wakes me up, it calms her down. After she is out for the evening I will usually take out my water bong & start packing fat bowls of Purple Haze or Blue Dream. Smoking cannabis flower is the best possible way to experience the plant, in my humble opinion, however I wait till Ginny is asleep so I don’t blow smoke in her face. She prefers the edibles, & has weak lungs. I leave Ginny in front of the TV & go to my office for a few hours of intense cannabis smoking & either writing or drawing at my desk, then cannabis fuels my creativity, & nothing makes me happier than getting stoned & being artistic.

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