Some of the people in the office are bonafide weirdos.

If I labor here for too long, or stop coming in high, then my associate and I will absolutely go crazy as well; Bill works in the cubicle next to mine. Bill never listens to tunes, or plays games, he just works… During breaks plus at dinner, he stays at his desk, staring at the cubicle wall. That’s all he does! One afternoon Bill is going to snap plus bring a gun to work, so I watch him closely. On the other hand, maybe Bill smokes cannabis in the day before coming in, like I do; Perhaps he shovels down a handful of cannabis edibles, plus is blissed out in his office chair for his whole shift. I don’t want to ask him, because I don’t need anyone here knowing how much cannabis I use on a bi-weekly basis. Before I labor I get high, plus while in dinner I go out to my car plus smoke more cannabis. I know it’s a risk to smoke marijuana in the labor parking lot, although I am compelled to do so. I don’t want to end up like these other sad sacks, plus cannabis seems to be the only way to keep my sanity plus still draw a paycheck. I like to afternoondream about escaping from this location plus getting a task on a beach anywhere, or maybe toiling at a cannabis dispensary. Alas, I doubt that will ever happen.


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