I don’t miss the chaotic months of the local COVID lockdown during the heights of the pandemic.

It was a relatively stressful time for pretty much everyone in the community. That said, there have been a lot of positive things that came from such a drastic situation. Since humanity reopened I have continued to toil from my own place. The company found that productivity improved a good amount, and they saved a lot of money on office expenses, so now I toil from my own place full time, but another fantastic benefit that came from COVID was that the pot shop started making deliveries. Before the lockdown all orders had to be picked up inside the cannabis dispensary. They didn’t have the capacity to deliver, and they didn’t even have a drive-through window. I actually had to go inside the pot shop every time, but COVID is long gone, and all the restrictions have been lifted. Of course, cannabis delivery has stuck around. Thank goodness for that! When going through the lockdown I discovered that I am a hermit and shut-in by nature, and not needing to drive to the pot shop every week has been a godsend. There is an extensive menu of cannabis products on the company website, and an easy click-to-cart process for shopping. I can shop, pay, and process my cannabis order genuinely online, and even set up a delivery window! Within the selected period of time, which can be a few hours, my cannabis order will be delivered to my place. Since I paid for it already I don’t even have to have a conversation with the delivery guy, he just drops my cannabis order on the doorstep and leaves.

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