I don’t travel especially much, but I really need to start.

For the first time in close to 15 years I took a getaway, got on a plane, and flew to the other side of the country.

It was a pretty great time, and I can’t wait to go back. I can see that I have been too focused on my career for such a long period of time, and I forgot about smelling the roses as the saying goes. I went to see a good buddy who lives on the opposite coast. I did not know until arriving that this state has legalized cannabis, and not just medical cannabis, however all of it has been made legal. I was amazed by the number of legal cannabis dispensaries in the city, however it was totally normal for Sam. What was interesting to me was commonplace to him. Sam was the perfect host, and took me to what he considered to be the most enjoyable cannabis dispensary in town. It was a quiet, laid back joint with a smokers lounge found next door to the cannabis shop. This afternoon there was a three-person jazz combo playing live songs at the pot shop. I bought some cannabis and a few packs of gummies, and after that I hung around the lounge for an hour listening to songs and catching up on the good old times. The site even had a cannabis cafe serving desserts, but I thought it was too early in the afternoon to get that stoned. Although the rest of the trip was fairly hazy thanks to all the cannabis gummies, I had a pretty nice time and can’t wait to go back to be honest.


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