When in doubt, hire a professional.

A lot of people are trying to take matters into their own hands.

You can’t expect to install your drain line or HVAC system as well as a licensed contractor. Nobody can set up their website and promote it like a marketing team. So why wouldn’t you seek outside help with a business? I work at a cannabis dispensary. The owner of the cannabis dispensary seriously needs some help. It is a miracle the guy managed to fill out the necessary papers, acquire the license, get a grower and find a building. The owner really doesn’t know how to run the store. He basically copies everything our competition does. If they get a new website, he wants a new one. If the cannabis dispensary a street over offers topicals, then we are too. That means there is nothing unique about our store. Business is okay, but it could be better. I have been trying to encourage the business owner to hire a recreational marijuana consulting service. They would take a look at the finances and decide how we could grow as a team. They would make sure we are unique from the competition. A marijuana consultant knows the industry and what is the best way to promote a cannabis dispensary. Our business owner is completely clueless. He is hesitant to ask for outside help but I have been trying to tell him that he can’t be an expert on all areas of business. He needs to hire a professional that knows dispensaries.

Medical marijuana business permit service