Griff was consistently the Square one in the buddy group. My good pals and I would go out as well as party, as well as Griff would come with us however never have any drinks. He didn’t smoke or do drugs of any kind, a very typical Mr. Clean. It was weird that Griff never partook in any substances, regardless of the fact that he didn’t care that my pals and I did. Over the years Griff has easily remained a close buddy to me. A few weeks ago he confided in me that he had been pretty stressed about things in life, as well as it was causing him the most brutal headaches. I recommended he try using cannabis products, however of course he didn’t seem to appreciate that idea. I asked him to come with me to the weed store, where my pal and I could talk to a budtender. Griff didn’t know that there are ways to get the medicinal benefits of cannabis without entirely getting stoned. He was surprised to learn about the wide variety of cannabis products that are available on the market, as well as how they affected people in all sorts of unusual ways. The budtender thought Griff would benefit more from CBD or vape products to start with, to see how much they could help before moving on to cannabis products. He assured Griff that none of these cannabis products would have a psychoactive effect or make him feel truly euphoric. Griff didn’t want cannabis for having a thrilling experience, he needed it for medicine. I am blissful to say that Griff is doing so much better now, the CBD as well as vape products have helped him better manage his stress. As much as he prefers the results of using cannabis as well as CBD, he still has no interest when it comes to getting high. Some things actually never change.

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