The marijuana delivery service basically covers all of the neighborhood plus a good amount of the country areas outside of the Metropolitan area.

I have been toiling for the marijuana delivery service for the past year.

I was toiling behind the counter plus then a spot was able to open up for a delivery driver. One of my good pals was toiling as a driver plus the guy was making $200 every single night in tips. On the weekends, he was making twice that amount. I was hoping to get a task toiling as a delivery driver as well. When the spot opened, I went to the employer plus requested an interview. She told me that an interview was not needed plus I could have the task of toiling as a delivery driver. She could get someone else to take over my shifts inside of the store. I honestly enjoy toiling at the weed store plus dispensary. It is a location with a truly wonderful ambiance. Everyone is totally friendly, laid back, plus chill. I usually have orders all the way until the end of the night plus I do not get back until the store is easily closed. On Tuesday night the last delivery of the night was totally out to the west side of the city. The order came in 5 minutes before closing. It was a 45 minute drive from the weed store to the address, however the customer ordered $350 worth of merchandise. I did not get to the address until it was 11:30 at night, however the customer wasn’t disappointed. The guy was gleeful that he had his marijuana supplies plus did not have to wait until the upcoming day.

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