My good buddies plus I chose to go to a bunch of odd locations this year on 4/20.

My associate and I made the attempt to visit every single weed store to see if they had some kind of special promotion. A lot of the locations around here were giving away hats, t-shirts, pins, plus all kinds of marijuana supplies. My good buddies plus I went to our most enjoyable dispensary first, because my associate and I came to realize that they were having a pretty serious sale. My associate and I were hoping to be one of the first 100 people through the door because that qualified us for some pretty wonderful $1 deals. One of the items that my associate and I could get for a dollar was a cannabis infused beverage. The cannabis infused beverages are normally $12 a piece. My associate and I could pick from mango, green apple, plus pomegranate. I thought it would be best to go with the pomegranate, because I thought it would be very tart. My buddy chose the peach plus another buddy chose green apple. My associate and I ended up being able to try all of them because my associate and I each got something different. I really love the flavor of the green apple. I wished that I had purchased that instead of the pomegranate. The pomegranate flavored cannabis beverage was not horrible or anything, however it wasn’t as fine as the green apple. The $1 beverages were a pretty amazing way to get started with our day. They must have contained a sativa strain, because I did not feel fatigued or lethargic at all after consuming all 100 mg of the infused drink. The day turned out to be extremely fun plus my associate and I got a fair amount of free marijuana pre rolls.


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