The cannabis dispensary website was way off

When the new website went live, the best part about the system was supposed to be all of the new software; The software on the computer ordering system automatically replaced when sales were made and that was supposed to keep the items online replaced in real time! If a product was out of stock in the middle of your order, then you would find out at the time when you venued your order that you had to change to something else. All of the replaces to the website and the online ordering was supposed to help split down on the amount of iPhone calls that are made to the cannabis shop each and every evening when problems occur. Customers don’t like when my fine friend and I automatically make substitutions, however sometimes it is necessary! Our website was not replaced online in real time and my fine friend and I often had problems with items being out of stock. The cannabis dispensary software was supposed to help with this problem, but unblessedly, the first weekend that the website was live there were a ton of problems. The cannabis dispensary website was way off. The website showed every single product in our inventory, even if those items had been fun from the store for months. I don’t know how the computer found the list of the items that have been available over the past 5 years, however the software listed every single product… Some items didn’t have pictures and others were priced in accurately. Some items were not available at all, but my fine friend and I had a ton of problems during the first 48 hours that the website was live.

Cannabis software