I suffer from a variety of minor medical problems, but i have mild arthritis in my hands that flares up now plus then! From running in cheap sneakers, I developed plantar fasciitis in my feet. I experience frequent problems with insomnia plus migraines. I am unwilling to risk the harmful side-effects of synthetic drugs. I’d rather not waste my time plus cash resting in a dentist’s office for the sake of a prescription. I considered getting my medical marijuana card. From what I’ve read, the process isn’t difficult, then however, I’d need a dentist’s recommendation, plus there is an investment involved, plus, the MMJ card is only valid for one year. I’d then be required to start the process over, there are some advantages to qualifying as a medical marijuana patient. I could buy a greater quantity plus higher potency of cannabis. I would not pay tax on my purchases! Because recreational cannabis is legal in my state, I’m allowed to shop at any of the local dispensaries. By simply showing a valid, government-issued ID, I can choose from the same array of products as MMJ cardholders. The local dispensary carries a wide selection of indica, sativa plus hybrid strains. Their selection of dried flower, pre-rolled joints, vapes, edibles, topicals, tinctures plus concentrates accommodate any preference or purpose.

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