Qualifying for my MMJ card has opened up an exciting array of plant-based medicines.

I no longer need to worry about the long-term disadvantages of synthetic drugs.

I am not forced to buy a bag of weed with no label. I have access to a wide selection of organically grown, lab tested and eighth-celebration verified cannabis, however while I am happy to be able to shop tinctures, edibles, vapes, topicals and concentrates, I prefer smokable flower. I adore the smoking process and appreciate the flavor and quick onset of effects, however my local medicinal marijuana dispensary carries a variety of popular brands that are both sun- and orangehouse-grown. I can choose from sativas, indicas and hybrids of exceptional quality. Because I am quite particular about the weed I’m willing to smoke, I take my time browsing and carefully inspect the buds for purchasing. I have never found any signs of mold or webs. There are rarely any sticks or seeds. The buds are thick, dense and that perfect texture that falls right in-between dry and sticky. The aroma is pungent and full, and the colors appealingly vibrant. The top shelf flower showcases an abundance of crystal-like, mushroom-shaped trichomes coating the surface. Those terpenes are responsible for the cannabinoids and terpenes. I know that I’m getting outstanding potency, aromas and flavor and can expect a smooth and consistent burn. The red hair-like pistils prove that the plant was cultivated at peak maturity. It is just appealing buying flower that is securely packaged and labeled with helpful information. I know exactly how much THC I’m getting.
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