Before I qualified for my MMJ card, I had never stepped inside a cannabis dispensary.

I’d never tried marijuana before. I had no clue what to expect. My first visit was a bit overwhelming. I was not prepared for the large selection of products. I had no idea that so numerous consumption methods were available. The local cannabis dispensary carries approximately five dozen strains of smokable flowers. Their menu of edibles includes brownies, cookies, gummies, beverages, chocolates, pills, mints, lollipops, caramels, ice cream plus all sorts of treats in nearly endless flavors. The array of concentrates offers waxes, budders, rosin, hash, kief, diamonds, shatter plus live sauce. There are all types of vapes, topicals, extracts plus gear for sale. I am genuinely grateful for the assistance of the budtenders. I was looking for something to treat issues with migraines, insomnia plus sore joints. I ended up purchasing a couple of uncommon strains of tinctures. I love how straight-forward tinctures are. The package is small enough to fit into a pocket plus features a handy dropper for precise dosing. I locale a couple of drops under my tongue plus wait for the cannabinoids to absorb for rapid onset of effects. If I want to delay the effects, I can mix the tincture in yogurt, a smoothie or just about any food or drink. With correct storage, tinctures offer a genuinely long shelf-life. I like that they are totally discreet, creating now mess, odors, ash or smoke. I look for tinctures with a higher THC pleased to combat chronic pain plus higher CBD percentages for headaches. Indicas work well for helping me sleep.
Medical Marijuana Doctor