With a sketchy criminal past, it is very hard to find a good job.

I can work construction, or flip burgers, but I can never find a decent job that pays well.

In the past I was a security guard, and I thought I was good at that job. However, technically I was part of a biker gang, and we did outlaw security for things like rock concerts and wrestling shows, so I can’t exactly put it on a resume. Through a friend of a friend I managed to get a chance for a new security gig, this one at a cannabis farm a few miles outside of town. The owner of the cannabis farm is an old man named Gus, who has been having trouble with locals sneaking onto his property to steal weed. Gus seemed like a decent fellow, and all he really wanted for his cannabis crops to be safe. He gave me a tour of the farm, so I could see the route I needed to walk to watch over all the various fields of cannabis plants. He also gave me a shotgun loaded with rock salt, to use on anyone who tried to steal his marijuana. Rock salt won’t kill anyone, but it will hurt them bad enough they will never try and take another person’s cannabis. Of course I won’t ever need to touch Gus’s marijuana crops, because I have to stay up until daybreak. I couldn’t do this job all night long if I started smoking cannabis, unless I had a lot of cocaine to balance it out.