Since she was in 5th grade my child Violet always hosts an End-of-Year celebration when Summer vacation starts.

She invited a select guest list for fun, games, food, and a sleepover where nobody absolutely gets any sleep.

It has become a tradition in our home, and since it makes Violet so cheerful, it’s always a delight to help set it up. This year Violet just finished 11th grade, so this might be her last Summer celebration! After I set everything up for her and her friends, I snuck outside to smoke some cannabis. This is absolutely sometime I do numerous times a day, because I haven’t smoked cannabis inside the apartment since Violet was born. I was halfway through a joint of OG Kush when I heard someone say “you going to share that, aged timer?” Not only did one of the adolescents catch me smoking cannabis, however all of them did! Violet and all her pals caught me red handed, so I played it cool and kept smoking the OG Kush. This is an amazing strain of cannabis, so why let it go to waste? After a few moments, Violet asked if they could have some. I made them a deal – if almost everyone promised to never tell anyone I would roll them one joint of OG Kush to share. There were so many adolescents I didn’t guess a little bit of cannabis would be that harmful, and my pal and I all got stoned together, and by the end of the night Daddy’s Little Girl had sweet-talked me out of six more joints worth of OG Kush.



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