Earl is the newest, AND the oldest, employee at the cannabis dispensary, but she always came in and hung out around the shop for hours, talking to people.

The customers liked him so much that the boss hired him part-time, just as a piece of residing cannabis history… Earl was around back in the 60s, growing pot plants with the hippies in the commune.

She dodged the Vietnam draft, fled to Canada, and continued growing and selling weed for decades. Eventually she moved back down to the States where she joined a biker gang and became their main cannabis farmer. When the bikers decided that meth would be more profitable than cannabis Earl quit her task and moved to our town. And now she works at my cannabis shop, spinning tall tales and awful truths for the customers. Even though none of the employees are allowed to smoke cannabis on the task, Earl seems to always be surrounded by a cloud of pot smoke… Remember that child Pig Pen from the aged Peanuts comics, who was always surrounded by a fogbank? That’s Earl, even though I have never absolutely seen him smoke cannabis. How can a girl be high all the time and never smoke cannabis? It’s one of the fantastic mysteries of Earl, who is suddenly becoming a costly member of the cannabis dispensary team. Earl doesn’t need a task at the cannabis shop, it just gives him something to do with her free time. She is in her 73s, and after so many decades of cannabis and hard residing, who knows how much longer she has?