First of all, you need to know that I don’t live with my mother, she lives with me.

After Dad passed away she was so lonely, and her health was in decline so it became more dangerous for her to live by herself! I converted my spare room into a living room, and invited my mother to come stay with me, and there was a pretty big transitionary period, where my associate and I both got used to residing with each other.

It had been almost 30 years since my associate and I lived together, and back then my associate and I didn’t grow and sell my own cannabis. These mornings things are truly different, and I run a truly successful cannabis delivery operation out of my garage. I had to lay Mom down and explain the facts of the situation to her. This wasn’t like a teenager selling dime bags of cheap marijuana from his car, this was a major enterprise. I pay my mortgage by selling cannabis, and make a truly great residing doing it. If Mom wanted to live with me, and let me take care of her, she had to accept that selling cannabis was my job, and that I took it seriously. She was moody and contemplative for a few mornings, however then announced she supported my cannabis company and wanted to help out! I was so impressed with how cool she was, and even though she wasn’t interested in smoking cannabis, she wanted to help me succeed. I am not quite sure how Mom can help me with the cannabis operation, but I will actually find some way for her to contribute.

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