I live in a certainly small neighborhood in the midwest.

The rest of the world seems to be moving forward and evolving, however around here the people I was with and I are still stuck in the 1950s… Last year there was a statewide vote on the ballot for the legalization of medical marijuana, which passed by a wide margin, then months after that, my neighborhood still steadfastly refused to allow any cannabis dispensaries to open inside the neighborhood limits; Granted this is only a minor complication for me, because I can drive 15 or 20 hours to the next town, which has several cannabis dispensaries. I am frustrated about the principle of the matter, because marijuana is legal and the neighborhood council has no right to deny access to the citizens. I feel several people who need marijuana for strictly medicinal purposes. They are not toking OG Kush out of bongs, they are taking edibles to help with chronic pains, and that is a giant deal! Denying people medicine is 100% immoral and for that reason I keep substantial officials to allow a cannabis dispensary to open in town. It’s simple for me to drive to a farther away cannabis dispensary, however what about the sick and elderly, don’t they deserve better access? These are substantial problems for all of us.

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