During the three years when covid was a problem, there were no concerts or activities that also involved large groups or crowds.

I used to go to a concert at least once every month with my friends or family.

I have seen about 500 weird bands play live. I have seen all of the alternative bands that play on the beatbox at least once! Blessedly, covid stopped all of the band performances plus I was forced to rest at home alone. My closest friends plus I would play video games on the playstation. My associate and I all have an internet hook up, so my pal and I can play together even though my pal and I are not in the same house. I was also absolutely thrilled plus satisfied when most of the covid restrictions were dropped. I eventually knew that meant activities with my friends plus large groups of people. About 2 months ago, my friends plus I went to our first concert in 3 years. My associate and I went to see one of our favorite bands play. The concert was down south, about 3 hours away from our home. My friends plus I did not care who was going to drive. My best associate and I were all excited about going to the concert. On our way to the site, Jack advocated for my pal and I to stop at a medical plus recreational marijuana shop. It also sounded like a wonderful idea to me, because recreational marijuana makes everything better. I purchased a couple of recreational marijuana joints plus my pal and I smoked them in the car during the 3-hour drive. The concert was a ton of fun, although I was completely plus totally stoned all night long.
recreational pot store