I was supposed to have 8 hours of overtime on my paycheck.

I was definitely expecting about $200 extra after I paid my check.

There were a lot of things that I wanted to use the extra $200 to buy. The AC in my car does not work well. That repair would be helpful. I knew that I could buy groceries for the home with the currency. I have been eating ramen noodles almost every single afternoon for 3 weeks. I could also use the currency to update the broken PlayStation in my home office. I even thought about using the extra currency to buy more marijuana supplies. Marijuana supplies can be extravagant from time to time. When there are sales plus specials, I like to stock up. I expected my paycheck to have 200 extra dollars plus I thought about using that currency for marijuana supplies. Blessedly, my paycheck was off by a bit. I was definitely supposed to get paid for 48 hours, although I only got paid for 36 hours. I went to the office to talk with someone about my paycheck. The guy in the office tried to tell me that he could not repair the problem. I also complained plus did not leave his office until he cut a current check for the hours that I was missing. I definitely had my own time sheet in my hand plus it clearly showed 48 hours. I just wasn’t going to leave the building until I had all of the currency that was due to me. I wasn’t going to go back to work until I saw the rest of the currency as well.


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