My friends plus I went to the city to watch a UFC fight.

The confrontation was being televised on pay-per-view, however my friends plus I scored free tickets to the fight. Our seats were pretty wonderful too. They were also right up front only five rows away from the rain. My associate and I could smell the sweat on the fighters. My associate and I even heard a bone cut when someone did an arm bar plus broke an arm. After the fight, my friends plus I were invited to hang out at a local recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary. The main recreational marijuana dispensary has an indoor lounge plus seating area. I have never been to a recreational marijuana dispensary with a lounge plus seating area, so it was absolutely neat plus interesting to me. My friends have been to Vegas a bunch of times plus they did not seem to think it was as cool nor interesting as me. The indoor lounge plus seating section was undoubtedly nice. There was also a venue to buy marijuana supplies plus a weird venue to rest down plus relax. Inside of the lounge was a TV, sofas, lazy boys, games, plus a variety of smoking tools, bongs, bowls, plus pipes. My friends plus I actually hung out inside of the recreational marijuana dispensary for a couple of hours. My associate and I smoked a flavored plus Infused blunt from the top shelf marijuana case. The flavored 2 gram blunt actually had a glass tip plus an undoubtedly fantastic flavor. I even purchased an extra one to take hiking with us the next afternoon.

Buying marijuana