When everyone in the country was anxious about getting sick from the coronavirus, marijuana dispensaries began to offer delivery services.

At first the marijuana shop had an absolutely close delivery range plus they charged $9.95 for a delivery fee. After a month, they dropped the delivery fee plus created a much larger delivery zone, now delivery services are quick plus cheap. There must be 50 weird people laboring for the marijuana delivery service. It does not cost anything to order from the dispensary. Tuesday I ordered a ton of supplies for the weekend. I chose the delivery option, because I planned to stay at home that night. The forecast was for rain plus cold hot plus cold temperatures plus I didn’t want to leave my apartment. I decided to stay indoors plus play video games instead. I ordered chicken parmesan plus garlic bread from an Italian pizzeria down the street. I had that delivered plus well as it took less than 20 minutes. A guy actually arrived on his bicycle to supply the entree plus side dish. About 30 minutes after I finished eating my chicken parmesan plus garlic bread, another knock on the door occurred. This time it was the delivery repair driver from the recreational marijuana service. The delivery driver finally had all of the items that I ordered including the two pre rolls that I called to add on. The total for my order was a little more than $100, so I tipped the driver 15 bucks for his trouble. After all, he finally climbed up six flights of stairs to supply the products.

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