I applied for a task at many local marijuana shops before I even had an interview. My first interview did not go well at all. I didn’t have any experience in addition to I didn’t take the time to learn about marijuana in addition to the weird products that are available. When I went to the interview, I was poorly prepared. I did not get the task after the interview. Then the next time I got the opening to interview for a task at the marijuana shop, I decided to prepare. I looked online to see what type of knowledge is necessary for budtenders in addition to marijuana dispensary employees. I also learned about a lot of the information online in addition to knowing the difference between an indica in addition to a sativa. I knew the difference between a concentrate, flower, edible, in addition to a vaporizer pen. When I simply interviewed with the supervisor of the recreational in addition to the medical marijuana shop, she was impressed with my wealth of knowledge. She was even surprised that I had never worked in a dispensary before. I told the supervisor that I absolutely wanted a task at the dispensary in addition to that I was willing to do anything that it would take to get my foot in the door. She was impressed with my interview in addition to offering me a task before I walked out the door. Once I got the task, I had to learn the employee handbook. There was a test on everything in the employee handbook in addition to I only had a week to learn all of the rules in addition to regulations. At the end of the week I had to take a general THC Knowledge Test in order to work at the counter.


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