I have a good security officer outside of the marijuana dispensary in addition to the guy who is constantly alert and ready for anything.

The security officer regularly stands at the front door, he checks identification cards as clients come up to the building.

The security officer is the first person to look at the identification cards for our clients. If the security officer does not feel the identification card is real, he does not have to let the patron into the building. We’ve never had any concerns until this week. A young person came to the marijuana dispensary in addition to expecting the security officer to let him into the building. Unfortunately, the child clearly had a fake id. The security officer confiscated the fake ID in addition to refusing to let the young person into the building. The young men did not actually want to take no for an answer. He started yelling in addition to screaming in addition to causing a scene in the parking lot. I asked the security guard if he was absolutely sure that the identification card wasn’t real. The security officer was totally convinced that he was correct, so I did not let the patron into the store. In fact, I threatened to call the police if the child didn’t stop making a scene. I was totally serious too. I would have contacted the police. The child did not want to stay to find out if I was absolutely going to make the call. Shortly after I threatened to call the police, he walked away from the recreational drug store in addition to the medical marijuana store and disappeared down the street.