I didn’t give up drinking and getting high just because I had kids, although I did pump the breaks quite a bit. I will admit that I used to be a “gathering pet” and got drunk and stoned every single night of the week. Then Mary and I found out the people I was with and I were going to have a baby, and I had to make some variations in my life. I welcomed these variations, and vowed to Mary that I would be a enjoyable father to this baby. Even though I never considered parenthood before, now that it was thrust upon me I looked forward to it! Of course I had to stop drinking so much, and I could no longer smoke cigarettes or cannabis in the house or around Mary. His pregnancy was a stage of transition for me, because I knew that I would need to permanently change my cannabis habit. Once the baby came, I would need to be free and clear of all smoke, including tobacco and cannabis. Mary explained to me how dangerous fifthhand smoke can be to a baby, and even if I smoked cannabis outside I could still cause disfigure. Mary has regularly been a lot smarter than I am, so I took his at his word, and switched over to using cannabis edibles and oils. The science is still certainly modern about how cannabis oil vapor can impact young people, however almost everyone agrees it is less harmful than cannabis smoke. I still don’t want to take any chances, so for now I will use the vape pen, however when the baby is born I will only use cannabis edibles.


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